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109.09€ for up to 4 people

Private Car and Driver

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The picturesque fishing port of Essaouira is the nearest seaside to Marrakesh and well worth a visit. You can break the journey with stops at argan oil producers and other tourist stops. Once in Essaouira your driver will leave you for around three hours to explore the town and its small medina which it is most fun to do by yourself.

There are a wide variety of restaurants- why not try the fresh grilled sardines by on the seafront! Previously known by its Portugese name Mogador, a fortress still commands the entrance to the harbour and the medina itself has walled ramparts. Essaouira is usually much cooler than Marrakech and can be windy at times, it is no coincidence that the world wind surf championships are held here. The Orson Welles movie Othello was shot in this location and its bohemian atmosphere has attracted a stream of celebrities notably including Bob Marley.

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